Our Mission

Our mission is to serve individuals with disabilities in our community, and their families, by offering events such as clinics, workshops and training sessions to instruct and develop our disabled athletes and support staff. Watersports are excellent activities to increase fitness and health, promote self-confidence and well-being, and build meaningful relationships within the watersports community. Our highly experienced staff uses specialized training techniques and adaptive equipment to enable individuals with disabilities to experience the thrill and excitement of watersports; and to realize the inherent benefits of an active lifestyle. Our expert water skiing instructors and drivers are trained and certified through USA Water Ski development programs. We support children and adults with a broad range of physical and intellectual disabilities… We train individuals with disabilities and their families so they can share together in the lifelong benefits of watersports activities.

Our Story

VBAW is an all-volunteer organization. We staff our BOD and adaptive watersports activities with individuals who are passionate about sharing their love of watersports. The certified members of our volunteer staff have been involved in the waterskiing community for many years. We also have many volunteers who are relatively new but equally passionate about watersports. Regardless of their length of experience our volunteer corps shares a common bond. We have found a great sense of purpose as we help to remove many of the barriers that have traditionally blocked persons with disabilities from participating in our great sport.